Brand Marine Tuft
In & Outdoor Carpets
Name Teak Platinum Black
Material Polypropyleen Aquabac 100% waterproof dyed BCF fibre
Width 1.95 / 3.95 meter
Length 30

Marine Tuft Teak Platinum Black

Marine Tuft is a unique, stylish, comfortable and durable indoor and outdoor floor covering. With a maritime look, it is particularly well-suited for use in the maritime/water sports sector. The Marine Tuft products are made of high-quality materials; the UV, seawater and chlorine water resistant fibres and the permeable Aquabac backing ensure durability in a wide range of applications. Marine Tuft floor covering is soft for your feet, easy to clean, lightweight, sound absorbing and heat resistant. Marine Tuft can be laid either loose or glued and is suitable for boats, caravans, houses, swimming pools, gardens, conservatories, shops and event halls.

Affordable Texture Plus nr 1
Affordable Texture Plus nr 1
Teak Suede Black
Teak Suede Black