Luxury Woven Vinyl

Infinity features a unique vinyl foam backing which makes it ideal for use on different types of surfaces. Infinity Luxury Woven Vinyl is strong, comfortable, modern, convenient and an excellent choice for the marine, contract, hospitality, healthcare, wellness and even for home use.

Infinity is easy to clean, UV and stain resistant, dirt repellent, dries quickly and incorporates antimicrobial and anti-bacterial technology which prevents growth of bacteria.

The material is resistant to petrol, diesel and motor oil and is not affected by bird and spider droppings.

Compared to other sorts of floor covering, the maintenance costs in the long term are low.

The material is durable, sound absorbing and 100% recyclable.


100% woven vinyl
100% vinyl foam backing


1,50 meter
3,00 meter


Commercial as well as recreational for boats, caravans, cars, houses, swimming pools, gardens, shops and event halls.